Marin Food Specialties, Inc.

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Gluten Free 

Fruit Bars

  • ​Certified gluten free fruit filled bars

  • All natural, no preservatives or artificial flavors/colors

  • Great for hiking, camping, biking, lunches, and everyday enjoyment

  • Saturated and trans fat-free

  • These bars are moist and full of flavor. We offer the following gluten free varities:

​         -Gluten Free Fig

​         -Gluten Free Peach Apricot

​         -Gluten Free Wildberry

Marin Food Specialties, Inc.

Fruit Bars

  • All Natural - Nothing Artificial!

  • Saturated and trans fat-free

  • Sweetened with honey and fruit juices, these bars are moist and full of flavor​. 

  • We offer a variety of choices:

       - Whole Wheat Honey Fig

       - Whole Wheat Honey Peach Apricot

       - Whole Wheat Honey Apple

       - Wheat Free Fig

       - Whole Wheat Low Fat Wildberry 

       - Whole Wheat Low Fat Fig