Marin Food Specialties, Inc.

About Us

We are a small and flexible company that is proud to manufacture and package high quality and safe food products.

Marin Food Specialties, Inc. (MFS) was established in 1974 just as the natural food industry was starting to expand beyond health food stores and into the grocery store retail segment.  At that time the company was involved in the manufacturing, distributing, and marketing of natural food products.

In 1982 we moved our offices and manufacturing facilities from San Rafael to Byron, California, which allowed us to expand our manufacturing and distribution operations.  In 1986 MFS sold the distribution division of the company, allowing us to focus on manufacturing.  

In the 1990’s we installed a band oven, which allowed us to manufacture fig and other fruit bars, as well as, cookies and baked snacks.  We have expanded our manufacturing capabilities for Energee Nuggets, which have continued to grow in popularity over the years.  We also have the ability to package a wide variety of products in tubs and bags of various sizes.

​We are currently certified to manufacture and package organic and gluten free products, and we are working towards earning a GMO Free certification.​ Aside from our own brands “Marin Brand”, “Energee Nuggets™”, and “WonderCocoa™”, we have been manufacturing private label brands for a variety of marketing and retail companies in the US for over 25 years.  If you are interested in learning more about our private label services, please visit the private label page. Marin Food Specialties, Inc. is a proud supporter of Contra Costa & Solano County Food Bank.